Thursday, May 27, 2010

I've Hit The Big Time!

I thought I'd hit the big time when I gained more followers than family members.

Then, I thought I'd hit the big time when I was asked to review a book.

But now, I've really, really hit the big time.  I was asked by CSN Stores to do a give-away.  I declined the give-away, simply because I don't want to promote a company I can't vouch for.  I asked, instead, to do a review of their products with the potential for a give-away in the future (just looking out for y'all).

I hate, hate shopping, so I admit I dragged my feet a litle bit going over to their website.  However, once I got there, I loved it.  They've pretty much got something for everyone (except horses - sorry, I tried).  I spent an hour browsing their site.  Ask my family, they'll tell you what a feat that is.  They've got a lot: furniture, home decor (including track lighting, which I'm so going to put in my dream house; I've always loved the versatility of it and the ability to spotlight certain areas of the room), housewares, home improvement, pets, outdoor, etc., etc.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna hop on over there again and see how many other ways I can blow my paycheck.  Once I've found something out of the kagillion items they have to offer, I'll put my review up here.


K. Erickson said...

Congrats Mrs. Milestone. And here I am still waiting to get out of single digits in the follower ranks.

Michelle Hoad said...

Very cool! I will consider it the big time when I make my first dollar! There has to be a way.

Mad Woman said...

You're so funny. Didn't you know that you really hit the big time when *I* started following you?!