Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well, Rachel and Mr. Daddy didn't kick me off of their blog for the vasectomy TST, so I'm back!
Be sure to hook up with them to share your own TSTs.

RockCrawlinChef and I celebrated our first anniversary on Friday.  I screwed up big time.  You see, months ago, when we were talking about our anniversary, we'd decided to get his and her AR-15s.  We haven't quite gotten around to it, but it's been on the radar, so I didn't plan on getting RCC a gift.  My bad.

When we got up Friday morning, RCC surprised me with not one, but two, anniversary cards.  One smart-ass one and one sappy one.  What did GunDiva get RCC?  No cards.  Fail #1.

While I was reading the cards and feeling like a total ass for not getting him at least a card, he hands me a gift.  But not just a gift.  No, it couldn't be something small.  Nooooooooo.  You see, I've been coveting an e-reader something fierce.  I'd looked at the Kindle and the Nook, but just couldn't part with the money.  What does RCC get me?  A damn Nook!

What gift did GunDiva get RCC?  Nothing, that's what!  Fail #2.  I was thinking that, you know, the his and hers ARs would be our anniversary gifts to each other. 

I know, you men are thinking that, hey, it's okay, it's their anniversary, RCC's at least going to get lucky, right?  Funny thing...Mother Nature had a whole different idea about that.  Fail #3.

When I broke the news to RCC, he looked at me and said, "I buy you a Nook and I don't even get any nookie?"


Heather said...

His comment is too funny!

Mrs Mom said...

Aww dayum girl.....

RCC is a crack up though! ;)

Beth said...

That last sentence was great and this funny TST earned you a new follower! Now I need to go look for that vasectomy story! :)


Aunt Crazy said...

Nice gifts!!! Too bad about the lack of nookie as a gift though!

GB Girl said...

That is too cute! Sorry Mother Nature ruined your anniversary. And yes, it is all her fault, not yours.

Rachel said...

Oy! (I say that a lot on your blog, don't I?)

Sorry ya ended up a wee bit lopsided for the celebration. Making up for it would be the fun, right?

Thanks for linking up... your man has a way with punch lines!

GunDiva said...

He's got great timing, that's for sure.

I'm just hoping the new Jeep doors I got him for his birthday, which is just a few days before our anniversary, make up for the lopsided anniversary. That is, if they ever come off of back order and get here.

Mr. Daddy said...

I must run right out and buy Rach a Nook.....(grin)

and see what happens.....ROFL

Michelle Hoad said...

When I try to tell my husband that it's that time o the month, he has another suggestion.