Monday, September 20, 2010

Flyin' The Coop

Digger's moving out today.

I haven't decided if it's a good thing or not.  He is 19 and by the time I was his age I was married.  Of course, I thought I was a grown-up, being married an all, but I was so unprepared for real life.

I hope I've prepared him for the real world - that's all a parent can do, right?  Keep them safe, nurture them, and hope that they turn into the good humans we all want our kids to be.

He's got a job.  He's got a place to live (with two roommates, Lord help us) in Wyoming.  And he has switched to on-line classes so he can continue with school (which he'd better not screw up or I'll kill him - I swear I will).

He's going to live life a little bit.  I know there will be parties; drinking, pot (that's as far as the drugs better go) and women.  I know there will be times when he has to live on the Ramen noodle diet.  I know, with his disease, it's going to be hard when he has an attack and only has his roommates to help him.

But I hope he knows that home will always be here for him.

Stay's going to be a ride, I'm sure.


Aunt Crazy said...

Good luck to Digger!!!

Rachel said...

You are freaking me out Missy. I forbade Itty Bit to ever move out.

Disease? Did I miss something?

I'm sad for you, but glad for a new phase in parenthood!

Finding Pam said...

All we ever want as parents is for our children to grow up and be responsible. For some it may take longer than others, but the main thing is that they are trying to spread their wings and test the waters so to speak. Let him know he always has a home.

I know how hard it is to let them go,but if you don't he will go anyway. I am wishing you and Digger the best. I did not know he had a disease?

From what I have read on your blog I think you are a great parent. You realize the temptations out there, but you trust in your son.

Good Luck

Dual Mom said...

This makes the hand on my neck stand on end. seems so young. I had a year old baby at that age. It's really not that young. But their our babies, right?

Good luck to Digger and to Mom (who may need it more than Digger)!

Allenspark Lodge said...

Keep your head on straight, Digger. You've got potential and we all love you.
G'ma Red