Friday, September 24, 2010


I thought I'd share my schedule for the next few days - it's going to be a ton of fun and I know I'll come home with a ton of blog fodder.

9:00 a.m.

- Registration begins at GTCC

10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Police Department Demos

Local police and sheriff's departments demonstrate tools and equipment

- K-9 demonstrations

- Police vehicles on display

- Fire equipment, trucks on display

- Ambulance and other EMS equipment on display

- Motorcycles

- Dive team


- Emergency Response Team

*This is your chance to sit behind the wheel to see how things really work. Talk to the officers, firefighters, and paramedics. Have your questions answered.

10:30 - Noon

Why People Kill - Bill Lanning, Associate Professor of Criminology - GTCC faculty

- A fascinating workshop about why and how criminals justify their behavior, and how they choose their victims. Learn why the killers sometimes say:

The devil made me do it.

I can't help it, I was made that way.

I come from a broken home.

Everything I do, I learned from you.

If you call it a duck enough times it will quack.

Why me, Lord?

1:00 - 2:15

EMS workshop - Randy Yow

A first responder's take on murder scenes. Learn what they do, and how they do it. Do they have to wait for a detective's okay to enter the scene? Find out who's in charge, the M.E., the paramedic, or the cops?

Yes, you will be loading a body into the vehicle.

Fire Station Tour

Visit a real working fire station. See how the firefighters prepare their life-saving equipment. Meet the instructors who train the recruits.

3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Autopsy Seminar

Dr. Jonathan Hayes - Senior NYC Medical Examiner

Details TBA

7:00 - 9:00

Wine and cheese reception (cash bar)

Entertainment by Atlanta recording artist/author Stacy Allen. We may even talk Jeffery Deaver into bringing along his guitar to join in on the festivities!

9:00 until...

Night Owl Session with Lee Lofland

A Wilted Rose: The Tina Mott Story

A story of love, death, and dismemberment. A walk-through journey of a real crime scene. Meet all the players - the loving victim and her friends, the killer's family, the couple's child, the tireless investigator who never gave up, a psychic, and the killer who thought he was too smart for the authorities.

Bring plenty of tissue. This one's a tear-jerker. Oh, you might want to leave a light on in your hotel room, too, because you'll be viewing real crime scene images.

- D.U.I. monitoring/alcosensor demo ongoing throughout the evening.


Mr. Daddy said...

what are you going to be doing in your spare time????? LOL

Mrs Mom said...

She's going to be MELTING Mr Daddy ;) Its still a wee bit warm and humid on the east coast.

Perfect setting for murder mystery type stuff though... ;) Humidity makes people go batshitcrazy.

Candance said...

I noticed among the reasons people kill a few I noticed he went to the strip club and spent way too much money again after we just had this same fight two weeks ago was missing. As was, he put his socks near the hamper again, he put his dish on the counter directly on top of the dishwasher again, he told his brother it would be fine to sleep on our sofa until he got back on his feet and he called me "Big Mama" when I was in my third trimester and said it was a term of endearment when it made me cry.

Weird, no?

GunDiva said...

Candance, you could have taught the seminar "Why Women Kill" and we would have all agreed with you! I bet we would have been able to add to your list, too.