Monday, September 13, 2010

My Apologies, Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

I apologize for blaming you for our wildfires.  It wasn't your fault.

While I'd love to see some moisture to help with the wildfires, I understand why you allowed the fires to burn so quickly.

People are stupid. 

One fire was started by a volunteer firefighter and the other by two people burning brush without a permit.  I get that people are stupid and screwed up, but do you think that we might have some rain to help put the fires out?  No sense continuing to punish the people who had nothing to do with their neighbors' stupidity.

She Who Puts Her Foot In Her Mouth


Allenspark Lodge said...

Lord forgive me, but at this point I even take a little snow...

Mama Gayle said...

I am hoping that these fires get under control soon and none of your family or friends have to evacuate! Or get hurt either!!

Wow, I can't believe how careless people can be (a firefighter? really?).

Mr. Daddy said...

There was an answer whispered,
in the sighing of the wind.

Apology accepted,
lets begin again.

Remove the foot,
and face tomorrow.

from the ashes,
comes happiness from sorrow.

just saying.....

Miley (woman:confused) said...

I had to read a bit back since I'm a new follower... I did have a good giggle at the way you talked to Mother Nature and the humble way you apologized... Did you ever get rain?
The tropical storms/hurricanes down here are sure pissing me off but at least it's just remnants.
In any case, I understand the aggravation with mother nature.
Hopefully they get it all under control!