Sunday, May 22, 2011

Monday Minute 5/23/11

1 - Think back as far as you can, what's the first tape, record, etc you remember listening to?

Rhinestone Cowboy - I think I wore out the grooves on that single.  Now I can't stand the damn song.

2 - What's the first concert you've ever been to, the year and who performed?
Jackson's Victory Tour - sad, don't remember the year, but remember the concert.  That's back when tweens listened to singers with actual talent.

3 - Ever bleed from your ass?
Do pregnancy hemorrhoids count?

4 - If you went to your Senior Prom and had a date, do you still speak to said person?
Funny story - my date, upon walking me to my door after prom, asked if I would mind if he asked my best friend out.  No, I don't still speak to said person.

5 - Name the one television show that's no longer on the air that could have gone on forever.
I've been missing the Bionic Woman and the Million Dollar Man recently.

Today is also Monster's 16th birthday.  Typical Monster-style, he still hasn't figured out what he wants to do for his birthday.

I'm super behind on my blog posts...I'll get caught up soon, I promise.  I've got anniversary stuff, graduation stuff, and stuff stuff.  And a book review.  Dang, I'm really far behind.  Ugh.


CinfulCinnamon said...

I'm a new follower. Wandered over from MM. We have a few things in common. Met my ol'man online too in 08 and then married him in 09. I love to ride and shoot although I only get to do the shooting part from time to time. I miss my horses. And I have one dog, one cat, and a step mutt.

Nice to meet ya !

oh and, Glen Campbell was "da bomb" back in the day. God I AM old.

Michelle Hoad said...

I married my senior prom date. Then divorced him. Now our conversations usually contain curse words.

Birgit said...

Ahh the good Ole days of Rhinestone Cowboy and the Bionic Woman. Do men actually think and realize what they are asking???

The Minute Man's Wife said...

I wish I was the Bionic Woman.

Rachel said...

Your date was a jerkoid.

Happy Birthday Monster.

It is rare that someone can make me laugh until I snort like Bill can... but your comment today had me in STITCHES. I was dying... thank you, I completely needed that hysterical laugh.

And I am so gonna haunt you with that one :)