Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sister Saturday

Yep, it's that day again (I need to have RCC make me a badge for it, I think).  The day when I run down my workout with Nebalee.  Only, because of a phone call I got yesterday, I have to be much more serious about my workouts than I had been.  Not that I haven't been serious about my workouts, but I didn't have a real reason for them other than to lose some weight and get into better shape.

That has to change.  I have to be Fit, with a capital F and do it quickly.

Today was free guest day at the gym, so I dragged Nebalee along with some vague idea of what to work on.  Gymnastics Boy had told me where to start, but I figured we'd play it by ear.  Instead, when we checked in, one of the sales people looked at me and said, "you work out with Gymnastics Boy, are you here to do the Body Bootcamp?"

Number 1) I'm a little freaked out that people at the gym are beginning to notice when I'm there or not and
Number 2) that's twice in two visits that a staff member has singled me out to ask how it's going with Gymnastics Boy.  Spooky stuff.

I told him we were just there to work out and we started doing what Gymnastics Boy had suggested.  While we were stretching, I saw him and said hi.  Big mistake.  Guess who the instructor is for Body Bootcamp?  First two guesses don't count.  Guess which sisters got personally ushered into Body Bootcamp?  Again, first two guesses don't count.

Got our asses kicked.  It was a good time.

Now, I'm off to see my girl, Robs.  I haven't seen her since Baking Day and I miss her terribly.  Then it's to the range.  Have to get some lead down range. 

I hope y'all have an amazing Saturday!

PS  If you didn't click the link about my phone call, you might want to do so :)


Mr. Daddy said...

again congrats, I don't envy you the pain, but the results will be worth it..

You go girl:o)

Mrs Mom said...

Girl, you best get so fit we could bounce quarters off various portions of your anatomy ;)

And lots of lead best be flyin. LOTS. Tommy gun lead, Mosin Nagant lead, shotgun lead, Sharps lead.... revolver lead, Beretta lead... not to mention knives, arrows, war hammers, bubble gum and any other darn thing you can get your hands on to throw!

GunDiva said...

Tomahawk throwing - check! That shit's addictive. Wonder what my neighbors would think if I set up a tomahawk throwing area in my back yard?