Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TST - Young Ashinator

It's that time again!  I've missed the last couple of weeks due to a crazy work schedule, but don't let my lack of participation deter you - click on over to Once Upon A Miracle to join Rachel and Mr. Daddy.

Ashinator has always been a cutie-patootie.  Here's one of my favorite pictures of the two of us.
Wasn't she a doll?

I forced the kids to watch shared Pipi Longstocking with the kids when they were just old enough to sit (mostly) through a video.  I'm not sure Ashinator got much out of it, other than a fascination with Pipi's braids.

I don't remember who braided her hair, but I'm pretty sure it was Nebalee since I wasn't very good at braiding when Ash was younger. (And Nebalee's a rockin' aunt!)

We were sitting down to dinner one night and Ashinator had her hair in two braids (without the wire to make them stand out from her head - we had to draw the line somewhere).  Bill, being Bill, couldn't resist tugging on one of her braids, to which Ashinator belted out...

"Don't touch my pee-pees!"

It took us a few awe-struck moments to realize she was talking about her "PeePee Longstockings".


Allenspark Lodge said...

What are you insinuating, "Bill, being Bill"?!?

Oh, yeah. Maybe so.


Beth Zimmerman said...

Oh my goodness! Kids!

Rachel said...

Bwah ha ha ha! I love it! And I can just totally picture that scene. Sorry Bill.

Hey, at least she didn't holler it anyplace more public, no? :)

Thanks for linking up!

Lady Old Soul said...

BAAAAA HAHahahahahaaaaa!!!! Oh my gawd, that was HYSTERICAL!! I have to admit, the kid logic totally had me thrown until I read the explanation! Talk about PERFECTION! What a great kiddo you have! xD