Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TST: Sister Saturday Gone Wrong

It's that time of the week again!  I love me some TST - mostly because I feel so *normal* after reading everyone elses :)  Click on over to Once Upon A Miracle to join up.

Nebalee and I have been good about working out on Saturdays.  The first Saturday we worked out at my house, the next week was bring a guest day at the gym, so I dragged her along to work out there.  Gymnastics Boy spotted us and dragged us, kicking and screaming invited us to join his Body Bootcamp class.

Even though we got our patooties handed to us in Body Bootcamp, we went back for more last Saturday.

We were again getting our patooties handed to us and were huffing and puffing along on the stationary bikes.

Nebalee: "At least this is like getting a free session with Gymnastics Boy."

What I said: "I wish I could just pay him to train me, I'd pay him $30 an hour and still save money."

What Nebalee heard: "I wish I could just pay him to hang with me, I'd pay him $30 an hour and still save money."

Nebalee: "I think that's called hiring an escort and it's illegal."

Me: "Huh?"


Mrs Mom said...

LMAO.... OMG... I giggled so hard at this that my water came flying out my nose.

'Cause Diva, you KNOW what I wuz thinking.. LMAO...

I don't know about illegal, but IMMORAL is about right ;)


Beth Zimmerman said...

I dunno ... some of those pretty boys might be worth breaking a few laws for! :)

Lady Old Soul said...

xD Loving it! Those slips of the tongue are always the funniest. ;)

Rachel said...

Was that a lipreading error??? ;)

Thanks for linking up!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe escorts are technically illegal. It's the part when you start paying for sex that's illegal. :)

Michelle Hoad said...

It's not illegal unless he puts out. And no, I wont' tell you how I know that.

Missie said...

LOL that is awesome!

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