Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TST - Captioning

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Just for Rachel

I post a lot of videos between my eleventy million blogs and I've been trying to figure out how to caption them for Rachel.  Only, I'm not nearly smart enough to do it.  I think I know a way to do it using Windows Movie Maker, but it doesn't always recognize my Flip videos.  So, I tried to use YouTube's automatic video captioning.

And, well,  this is what it came up with for my Top Shot submission video (my comments in italics)...

headshots elephant (because that's the way to get the producer's attention - start with headshots)

and she can sense my early twenties (I don't know who "she" is, or how she can sense my early twenties)
and her friends (nor do I know who her friends are)
taught me how to choose (or what they taught me to choose)

just because it was fun

when three

you know

he could be the grates and parking

gave me a few instructions told me not to

expect too much

said that should be breaks

unity dot and i the extreme

and fell in love with steve (Steve?  I've never fallen in love with a Steve.)

who actually performed for

a long time after that

they out your later he became

a stalker monique an extended period

twenty four cents

settle my

perspective shannon is a little bit different (ok, this part is true, Shannon is a little bit different, but I swear I didn't say that in my video)

probably other contestants

impact at depending on might everything she


during that big time

what's the situation is resolved

out of my life forever

tries to get out of my life forever

i want to continue to shoot

goal i came here to put my favorite places

in the world


about twenty three steps familiar with it


and started shooting

italics lucky

quite a few people who were willing to help

me out this particular gunshot expiry female



and never felt stupid armenian asked questions

it's that time for me an expensive reality

here clinton's neatly

out here so later

a higher and that's why people started about

different sounds

during the time i've worked at the gunshot

i actually everything from twenty-two

or fifty-four so and four fifty locked

and said

things i get to do with a verdict against

was i got to borrow this i'm going to take


said really

and off

i hate exhibition ask your questions

what it means i have such confidence in my

ability do you want to show is that i have

to be seated our constructions never before

this time it never shuts the i'd never shot

any long-distance


when our with

a friend of mine

uh... he should be the basics and a week later

to be honest but first let's get passports

were planning to have it

which means

impressive to him

and so impressive to me because i had no clue

that that was excellence four of us of shooting



built the remington eight seventy (Yay!  It finally got part of some of what I said mostly right!)



basically just sold my

that x overseas rich here

possibly use it to deliver shotgun

and i decided what textiles

ever since stockings interesting she so of

course at all of the bells and whistles on


citrus hair (aw, shit, now fruit has hair?)

fifteen backstop vistaprint tripwire for him

at all

one of the reasons that i want to do

compete i think it did well instead

and apathy

city and not a worksheet international t anything


somebody who enjoy shooting at least like


i've never back down from a challenge i'd

never turned down a chance to shoot anyway

including the big elephant (to be clear, I've never actually shot an elephant)

case party admitted new lecture

northern colorado i don't have any professional

experience somebody

professional training

but that's one of the reasons why i didn't

touch i don't have the additional pressures


shooters conveniently national titles

inspiron sixty

the oppression despite stuff

and tough enough to do this

i hate was a single mom for twelve years raise

three kids worked three jobs and still manage

to get an auction one eighty

sitting once stress-free

and i had yet to pick up a weapon that i haven't

fallen in love (Now, that part's true.  I haven't found a weapon I haven't fallen in love with.)


the (End.  The end.)
Well, Rachel, I tried.  And I just have one question - does the automatic YouTube captioner-thingy madohickey have its mind in the gutter or what?  I'm almost afraid to see what Mr. Daddy has to say about this.


Mrs Mom said...

Ever giggled and laughed so hard GRAPES came out your nose?? No? Trust me-- dont try it! (And they FYI did NOT have hair on them.)

And Shannon is a little bit different? ROFLMAOPIP..... OMG.... And the stupid armenian... omg... you are trying to choke me with laughter here... !!!!

LOVE!! IT!!! Do MORE!!!! HA!

Allenspark Lodge said...

I watched the video while the captions were scrolling, and all I can say is


(Wide Tomato Flamingos)


Rachel said...

Okay - not only was that the best post, but dang you have the best commenters too!

I snorted through the captioning, then again from Mrs. Mom and Bill.

Now to be fair... you really should show the video and let people read the words with it - because I'm sure thats dadgum funny right there.

I'm afraid of what the stupid armenians will have to say about this.

But aww heck, let's go get passports and find some hairy fruit.

Dying... just dying. You are awesomesauce!

Tiffany said...

That. was. awesome! I love the randomness of it!