Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Minute 5/9/11

It's baaaaacccckkkk!  A meme like you've never experienced...The Monday Minute.  Click on over to The Daily Dose of Reality to join up.

1 - Since so many of you were so willing to wrestle naked with another member of the same sex for a million dollars, let's say we double it to $2,000,000 and put it on PPV for all to see. Still willing?

Do I also get a cut of the PPV take?  'Cause if so, I'm in!

2 - You just found a $100 bill on the ground while walking around your neighborhood. What's your first thought to do with the money?

Spend it!  On what, I don't know, but an extra $100?  What else you gonna do with it?

If, however, I had seen who dropped it, I would give it back to them without a second thought.  Losing $100 would suck big time!

3 - Mother's Day is coming up. Name one thing you learned from your Mother that you'd like to share.

Toughness.  My mom is physically and emotionally tough.  Not much gets to her.

4 - We all know that Nickelback, Kiss, Creed, Rush, the Foo Fighers and Axl Rose suck ass, name another band that should be added onto this famed list.

I'm going to lose some MM points for this one, as I'm drawing a complete blank here...

5 - Have you ever had a zit on your ass?

Yep.  I divorced him in 1997.


Marlene said...

Ha ha ha!! LOVED your last answer! Now why didn't I think of that?

Allenspark Lodge said...

Yep, #5 got Bill to laughing so hard I had to take time to read we both had a really good laugh this morning. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ #5! Me too!

Candance said...

#5 made my day!