Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day times four

L-R: Monster, Mom, Grandma Nita, Bill, RCC, Me, Junior, Digger, Ashinator, Mr. Nebalee, Nebalee
L-R (littlest ones): Autobot, Kyzzer, Asset

Texan Mama asked some of her blog followers for pictures of us with our kids.  Since I don't have many of me and the kids (at least not in digital format), I dug through my archives and found this one from our wedding day in 2009.

When it came up, I realized how amazing this picture is.  In it are four living generations.  When Ashinator was born, we had five living generations of women, but we lost Great-Grandma just a month before Monster was born.  Now it's up to Digger's upcoming little one to bring on the fifth generation again.

I'm lucky to have my family so close and to have been raised with so many amazing women.  I have fond memories of spending afternoons with Great-Grandma.  We did all sorts of cool things, like pressing flowers between pieces of wax paper and she was the master at making paper doll chains.  No matter how many times she showed me how to do it, I never mastered it.  Great-Grandma was a very hands-on fun kinda grandma.

Grandma Nita was living out of state when I was little-little, but when she moved back to Colorado, she brought the greatest present on earth: Grandpa Ed!  He was the perfect balance for Grandma, who can tend to be uptight and want everything just-so.  She  was super tolerant of him doing crazy things with us, like hanging us from the doorknobs by our waistbands or rolling us up in blankets like burritos and then flinging us out of them.

Mom...well, you all know how cool my mom is.  The Bionic Cowgirl...crazy woman who hops back up on her horse just six and a half weeks post hip replacement surgery.  Now, when I turned eighteen, I was pretty sure she didn't know anything.  However...when I got divorced, I realized that she was pretty much the smartest person on the planet.

I'm pretty lucky to come from a line of such wonderful women.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!


Allenspark Lodge said...

What a wonderful surprise for Mother's Day...and I have to say, I think my two daughters are building their way to being remarkable women in your their own right. There have been many times I've wished I had some of THEIR capabilities, which are being passed on to some truly remarkable granddaughters!

With love, from the Bionic Cowgirl Mom.

Mr. Daddy said...

such a nice post on Mothers day:o)
you were truly blessed with some wonderful women in your life.

Have a great Mothers day Tel:o)

Michelle Hoad said...

Gorgeous picture! I wish I was closer to family some times. Not always, but every now and then. I plan to be the most fun grand ma ever! I will begin practicing the dolls now.

Rachel said...

I have to agree... even though I only know one of those women you came from... she rocks bigtime!