Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Chillins Are Victims

I've been a healthcare instructor literally my children's entire lives.  When Digger and Ashinator were babies, they were my "victims" for my EMT classes.  I'm a firm believer in exposing students to as many experiences as possible while they are in the classroom.  That way, they don't freak out when they have to do it for realzies.

Today was the final class for my Medical Asepsis class, where the student learn about infection control and minor in-office procedures that they might be called on to perform.  With a theatrical make-up artist for a brother, it would be silly of me not to use his talents.  It's been a year or so since our schedules have lined up well enough to drag him into class, but today the stars aligned properly and I got him in to make up the chillins.

Don't open a radiator on an overheating car!*
The students changed wound packing.
And cut away dead "tissue" from the burn site.
I had to throw in a creepy picture just because it's October and it ups the creep factor.
I'm pretty certain the students had a good time and it's good practice for skills and documentation.  It doesn't even feel like a final exam. :)

*in real life, the make up looked much better, I don't know why the camera picked up so much yellow/orange.

Challenge update: worked a fourteen-hour day today, ditched the gym, so I'll add today's challenge to tomorrow's.


Allenspark Lodge said...

This whole family is SO WEIRD!


Allenspark Lodge said...

I see the Kid hasn't lost his touch! I let out a gasp when I saw my granddaughter's beautiful (?) face. Glad it can help your students.

He caused a huge stir a few years ago, here at the Lodge. A guest from a neighbor's cabin came over for a beer from our bar. He and the Kid got to talking about stage makeup and stuff. Next thing I know, the Kid has done some pretty phenomenal 'bruises' on this guy's face. The guest wanted to play a practical joke on his buddies and tell him about this 'bar fight' he had. They believed him! The Kid had to do a great removal job to prove there really had been NO fight at our establishment!

Mel said...

WOW! That's impressive. Even though you say the color is off in the pictures, it looks really good to me!

Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool! What a great teaching tool!

Rachel said...

Pretty darn incredible makeup job. I'm rather annoyed that I almost gagged and it wasn't even real. Kicks self.

Love the stories your parents put in the comments too :)