Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sister Saturday

Normally, Sister Saturday involves lots of sweat, swear words and tears. 

And then we pull into the gym parking lot. (<-- I crack myself up sometimes.)

Today, though, I'm gonna do something completely out of character and brag on my sister.

Every October 4th, Office Max bestows A Day Made Better Awards on teachers across the nation.  The secretary at Nebalee's school nominated her for the award with the following:
Nebalee has been at our school for several years. She is an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher who continually looks for creative ways to help students and staff achieve to their highest potential. Nebalee holds a Type D Adminstrators License and did her internship at Eagle Crest. Nebalee takes the time to get to know each of her students facilitate their individual learning style and time line. She is the first to volunteer to spearhead any new initiatives. Her professionalism speaks for itself, she always conducts herself in a professional manner with students, staff and parents. Her students find in her a loving and compassionate teacher who always looks to their best interest. Nebalee has taught in several grade levels at our school and she is undertaking the challenges of a new kindergarten classroom this year. Please consider her for this A Day Made Better Award.

Apparently, the people she works with think she's pretty incredible and the people at Office Max agreed.  Nebalee had no idea that she'd been nominated, or chosen, until they showed up in her classroom toting two large boxes...

Two of these boxes full of supplies for her classroom!

A peek inside one of the boxes

A new office chair!
In addition to all of the consumable supplies, she got a new camera and printer for her classroom.  But since the dates on the pictures are everything except the 4th, she must not have figured it out yet. :)

When she got home from work that day, she drove into her driveway to find this...
Guess Nebalee's not the only one excited about this cool award.
Way to go, Nebalee!  It's about time you got recognized for all of your hard work.


Mrs Mom said...

Nebalee, if there were MORE teachers like you in the world, my kids would not be homeschooled. Keep up the good work, woman!! Proud of you!!!!

Allenspark Lodge said...

Not sure HOW I ended up with daughters who became teachers, but they both do a superb job. Now if we could just get the school system straightened out ....
Juanita - the really, really proud mom.

Candance said...

YAY Nebalee!! I love it when teachers do good!! And, dang, she's brave doing kindergarten!

I'm also coveting her new chair.

Rachel said...

I only wish we were closer so she could teach Itty Bit.

Awesomeness Nebalee - congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Nebalee!