Sunday, October 2, 2011

Really, Another Perfect Day

I am one tuckered out little girl.

First, I got up early to go kill zombies.  That takes a lot of work (and ammo).  It's important to keep in mind the "Double Tap" rule: two to the head makes 'em dead.

We celebrated our zombie killing success with a BBQ and then off to the mountains I headed; Bill's birthday party and all that.  So I ate.  Again.

But then, Nebalee joined me in today's challenge: hold a push-up position for one minute.  Repeat five times.

It sucked.  But we did it.

Two in a row.  By Jove, I believe I might be getting this.  Tomorrow's the true test, because it's one of my fourteen-hour days at work.  I'll have to complete the challenge when I get home.

Then, Bill and I went for a quick ride.  During which he forgot the first rule of riding: keep the horse between you and the ground.  Again.  Sheesh, if he keeps this up, I'm going to put him back in training wheels.  Or a saddle.  Whatever.

Now I'm stalling.  I have a lecture to write over a topic I love, but I felt like playing on the blog was much more fun important than writing a lecture over orthopaedic injuries and how to assess them.


Michelle Hoad said...

You are making me feel bad about being such a lazy ass. I don't want to start because I'm so out of shape. I know if I start, I'll improve.

Sara said...

I thought about doing push-ups yesterday.

That's as far as I got.

I might think about it a little harder today.

You know, if I have time.

Also, good move with the double tap. You always want to be certain with zombies.

Anonymous said...

How to assess OS's orthopaedic injuries:

1. Can she cuss?

2. Can she walk?

3. Can she kick some horsey butt?

If you answered "Yes" to all 3 of these, then she will survive, maybe with a broken foot, but it can't possibly be that bad because she's doing all 3 of the above.

If you answered "No" to either 2 or 3, then we have a problem. Put the horses away, put her in the car, and drive to the walk-in clinic.

Is that a simple enough lecture? You can substitute my name with anyone else's you'd care to. And see? If you go with this, your lecture is written and you'll have more time for bloggy fun!