Sunday, October 23, 2011

Small Town Saturday Night

Zombie Hunting

Last night was the annual Zombie Fest, a fundraiser to support one of the local charities.  Since I (and my family) have absolutely zero intention of ever being infected by the Zombie virus, we geared up as zombie hunters.

The Gear...

Pistol, shotgun, and Krylon

Can't go out with bright guns - they might see us...

...A touch of Krylon...

...And these babies are tactical black!
 The vehicle...

1956 Deuce and a half with anti-zombie spikes

Ridding the vehicle of the brain-eaters

Warning: biohazards aboard

Cannons on the side - just in case
The Hunters...
Bring 'em on!

Guard duty

Junior driving his Deuce - he's the bravest of all - open cab=no protection
The Hunt...
On the lookout

Locked and Loaded

ZOMBIES!!!  Kill 'em!

!Hasta la!
The Gather...
One load back to HQ

We picked up other zombie hunters along the way -
They helped keep order in the cage

Junior found hisself a new hood ornament

Hey D.o.C. - We brought your escapees back!
End of the Night...
Sleeping with weapons - zombie hunting is tiring work.
Zombie hunting night was easily the most fun I've had with toy guns since I was a kid.  RCC, Deejo, Junior and I giggled like kids on Christmas morning all night long.  The police were out in force, trying to keep the zombie crawl participants in check, and I was worried they might have an issue with us driving around with loads of zombies and "weapons", but they saw it for what it was - good, clean fun.  In fact, most of the PoPo just smiled and waved when we drove by hooting and hollering, blazing away with our toy guns.  One officer even saluted us with a big ole sh*t-eating grin on his face.  You know he would have rather been playing with us than walking through a bunch of zombie-fied drunks.

I love that my family is crazy enough to get together and play.  Too bad the heathi were too cool to come hang out with the old folks - they missed a really good time.


Allenspark Lodge said...

Umm, okay.


Mr. Daddy said...

guess Zombie season must be later this far North????

looks like you all had a great time...

Tiffany said...

Oh dude. I wanna play. That looks awesome!!!!

Michelle Hoad said...

um, and people think Texans are weird. My son had a dream three days in a row that he was in a zombie apocalypse. I'm sending him to you for the summer. (btw, the word verification is unrot. I didn't know that was possible)

Rachel said...

I would be too scared to be a zombie in your town!

Glad you were able to round 'em all up!

Killlashandra said...

OMG that is hysterical! What a great a great event to go too! Yes we should all live by the double tap rule. ;)