Saturday, March 9, 2013

Aaaannndddd, Karma's a...

...bird, apparently.

I was so very, very happy with my new hooters.

I really was.

They were things of beauties and within 24 hours those poopin' finches were outta here.

24 hours after that the doves moved in.

Doves are not afraid of hooters.

And doves shit twice as big as finches do.

Damn you, Karma!


Allenspark Lodge said...

So, are they nesting?


GunDiva said...

YES! :(

Jay's got a blow-dart gun with their names on it.

Reddunappy said...

Maybe I wont complain about the Rose and house finches in my barn! LOL LOL I have been hearing Doves around here! LOL

Daddy Hawk said...

Doves are just pigeons with better PR. They are all flying rats with diarrhea.

Candance said...

You know my feelings regarding birds. All birds. But, when I read this in my feed, I thought you got new boobs and had to give them back. I was so sad for you.