Friday, March 15, 2013


Jay's been working on a children's book for a while now.  He started his illustrations on paper and it took him days to complete just one panel.

A year or so ago, he changed from paper to computer and began "drawing" his illustrations on the computer.

Today, he finished his book.  Completely.  All illustrations and text are complete.  The cover is complete.  It's beautiful.

Now, the hard work shop it around and find a publisher.

I'm super proud of him; this wasn't an easy task to complete.


Mrs Mom said...


Allenspark Lodge said...

Congratulations, Jay. I remember watching you do some of the drawings on paper. I'm sure the book will be a hit; it's super cute!!!
Bionic Cowgirl

Daddy Hawk said...

Very cool. Remind me to send you a link to a high school friend of mine who does children's books. He may have some useful publishing advice.

Leiah said...

If you saw my latest album on the Facebook, you know now that I'll need at least two copies once it's released - one for each munchkin house.

Rachel said...

I'll duke it out with Leiah for a pre-release :) I'm sure you need to test your audience, right? I have a cute little avid reader who would enthusiastically test anything his favorite "cheskers" partner made!

CONGRATS Jay! So proud. Go get 'em with those publishers!