Monday, March 18, 2013

Italy, Days 1 & 2

30 Mar 06

Off to Rome...ha!

Robs, me, Brandy, Justin

Our plane in Denver was delayed by almost an hour, so we made a last-minute change to another flight to Dallas, for a connecting flight to London. Our new flight to Dallas got us in about 15 minutes after our connecting flight took off, due to bad weather in Dallas, not Denver.  We probably passed each other in the air.

American couldn't get us another flight to London, so we'll be flying into Frankfurt, Germany, then on to Rome tomorrow.  We're losing a day of sightseeing in Rome, but we're hopeful that we can still make the Vatican after we get in.

The airlines put us up at the Clarion Hotel in Dallas.  Jeez, what to do in Dallas?

Hotel courtesy of American Airlines

31 Mar 06

Well, the rest of the group will be landing in Rome today while we're taking a walking tour of Dallas.  We're not even here long enough to do any real sightseeing.

We had dinner, courtesy of American, at Bennigan's last night and breakfast at Denny's.

I'm so glad that I had an extra change of clothes and all my toiletries in my carry-on, it made our unexpected mini-vacation in Dallas so much more comfortable. (Our luggage went on without us, on our original flight.)


Allenspark Lodge said...

In the old days, I was very good about jamming EVERYTHING into a carry-on. But when the Feds decided I might try to 'jack a plane with my multi-tool pliers, I had to start checking luggage.

It's odd that I don't feel out of control sitting in a bus flying 6 miles above the earth at mach .8,

but take my luggage from me...


Rachel said...

Delays suck! But I'm glad you ended up with such a great trip despite a rocky start!

And Beel... those comments, ha!