Saturday, March 23, 2013

Italy, Day 7

05 Apr 06

Got up early to go to the market in Siena and walk around.  

Our kitchen in the apartment.

Look!  Luggage!  Robs' bags.

Mine.  So happy to have it.

We saw a cured boar's head and salted eels in the deli section and a ton of cute clothes.  After wandering the market, we drove to Montalcino to find a winery tour.  We poked around Montalcino, and found a cool piece of art, before we settled on a winery .

The explanation.

The well

Looking into the well, it's full of eye glasses.

We ended up choosing a winery called Tenuta Caparzo and learning about the wine and wine making process.  It's all very cool. Our tour guide was so passionate about everything from the grapes to the finished product.

I love this picture!  I tore apart the apartment looking for it.

The cask rooms were awesome.
The best part of the tour came at the end when we got to do the tasting.  Holy cow, there were a lot to taste and they were all amazing!

Robs bought a bottle of Brunello that we'll open in four years for her 36th birthday, it should be at its peak then.  (However, here it is almost seven years after we went and we still haven't broken into that bottle.)

This time, everyone was together for a final, fun dinner at Sovigliano.

Tomorrow, we're off to Pisa then Cinque Terre.

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Rachel said...

What an adventure - something new every day.

Take me with you next time! :)