Thursday, March 28, 2013

Italy, Day 12

10 Apr 06

The train from Milan to Venice was absolutely packed!  I'm so glad we paid the extra 3 Euro to get assigned seats.  Squid had to kick people out of our compartment while Brandy, Robs, and I were stuck in the hallway at the other end of the rail car.  It took us nearly twenty minutes of shuffling people in and out of compartments for for the aisle to clear enough for us to squeeze through.  Brandy and I made it through by turning sideways, carrying one bag in front of us and dragging our backpacks.  We had to send Squid to extricate Robs from the hall.  Once we were in our compartment, with the door closed, we had to endure the glares of the people we kicked out of our assigned seats who were now sitting on fold-down seats in the hallway.

It was a long, but mostly comfortable ride to Venice, where we caught a water bus to the station (dock?) nearest our hotel.  Squid told us it would be almost impossible to find it on the first try because of all of the alleys and such, but we did manage to do it.

The hotel is very nice, but not nearly enough stairs.  There are only 20 stairs to our room, not hardly worth mentioning.  I've gotten so used to marching up a gazillion stairs that it's kind of cheating to only have 20.  I've been assured that all the walking around we'll be doing will make up for it.

And another four-legged friend for Mrs Squid

I loved these shower doors.  Until I had to use them.

We really got lucky our whole trip with finding great rooms.

No chance of using ass-towels here.

We met up with Kev and Shannon and went to see San Marco church, which was really a rip-off.  Admittance to the church was free, but no pictures and we got charged to see anything other than the pews.  After paying 3 Euro to see "the treasury", Robs and I decided we weren't going to continue to be nickle and dimed and looked at all of the "free" stuff in the church.  Frankly, I was much more impressed with the square itself and all of the flying rats (pigeons).

They sell bird feed with "birth control" for the tourists to feed to the birds.  One particular gentleman was overly persistent and did not believe me the first or second time I told him no.  A third, very sharp "NO!" finally got through to him, though I'm certain Squid wanted to die of embarrassment.

We walked around the stores lining the plaza and looked into a very cool art gallery (no pictures).

For dinner, we found a place that served a 5-course meal for 20 Euro ~ it was a good deal.  Bran and Justin opted to go their own way for dinner.  Sitting down for a two-hour dinner isn't everyone's idea of a good time.

It's funny, though.  We were all excited about the great wine in Italy and drinking it with every meal, but it's all we can do to kill a litre between us anymore.  I guess we've been wined-out.

Between the tannins in the red wine and all of the exercise we've been getting, our hearts must be extra healthy!

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Rachel said...

I am still trying to figure out those shower doors... and having no luck, ha ha.

Methinks you would be a fun travel buddy!