Friday, March 22, 2013

Italy, Day 6

Before we get into the Italy trip again, I want to wish Jay Happy FIFTH meetiversary.  Five years ago today, we met face-to-face for the first time. Love you, Babe.

04 Apr 06

Today (after making a tough decision regarding what to wear - so many choices!) Robs and I went along with another couple to Florence to look around.  I did not like Florence ~ for the fist time since we've been in Italy, I didn't feel safe.  I can't pinpoint why, but it wasn't a good place for me.  We saw some cool things, but other than the statue of David (a replica), there wasn't a whole lot to excite me.

Ok, don't know what Robs was doing, but it's the only one I have of us there.
Robs and I met Squid and Mrs Squid at 1:30 and headed to Siena.  The difference between Florence and Siena is like night and day!  Siena has a laid-back, safer feel and I enjoyed it tons more.  The only place I've felt more comfortable was in Pienza on our was to Sovigliano yesterday.

Il Centro in Siena reminds me of a college plaza.  There were people laying around sunning themselves, kids chasing pigeons and teenagers flirting.  Mrs Squid and I sat and people-watched while Robs and Squid climbed to the top of a church tower.

Squid and Robs thought it would be fun to climb that tower.

NEVER pass up an opportunity for gelato.  Never.  Ever.  Never.
Then we went to see another church.  At this point, they're all running together, like they did on our first trip to Europe.  What?  Another church?  Hell, why not?

And what else would we do after visiting a church?  The torture museum, of course!  The torture museum was thought-provoking and scary.

This is actually brilliant - it helped protect the jailers from rioting criminals.

I almost can't believe that humans used to do this stuff to each other.  Criminals have it easy compared to way back ~ though torture ran through the late 1800's.  They say that some of the techniques have been refined are are still in use today as interrogation tools.

What a wonderful thought that is.

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Rachel said...

I was thinking the same thing earlier today... how terrible it is what humans can do to eachother...
and this museum is a ghastly reminder.

Now THAT would be haunting!