Friday, March 29, 2013

Italy, Day 13

11 Apr 06

We had a great sit-down breakfast at the hotel today, then set off in a water taxi to Murano island to see the glass blowers. 

The water taxi was much more like a "water limo" with wood and brass cabin and cream-colored leather seats.

The glass on Murano was amazing!  Watching the glass blowers do their thing was unbelievable.  Even after watching them start with plain glass and work it, I'm still in awe at what they are able to do.  I took a ton of pictures of sculptures that I loved, but couldn't afford.

Robs spoiled herself and bout six wine glasses and a carrafe caraffe wine decanter for 325 Euro including shipping and handling.  She should have everything in 4 - 6 weeks, so we'll have to have a party to celebrate when she gets them.

Signing her life away.
I bought some very cool bracelets for my co-workers, a necklace for Nelle, horse for Mom, angel for Grandma Mary and mini-carnival masks for a couple of other people.  I spent less than 50 Euro for 12 gifts ~ not a bad deal.

Squid was kind enough to model the jewelry.

The rest of the day was very laid back and relaxed.  Mrs Squid and I walked around while she finished up her shopping.  Then Squid, Kev, Robs and I went for gelato.  I think I'm going to go through gelato withdrawal when I get back to the States.

NEVER pass up an opportunity for gelato.  Never.  Ever.  Never.
I've eaten so much pizza here because it's fairly cheap, that I don't care if I see another pizza again.

After dinner, Squid, Mrs Squid, Robs and I walked to San Marco Square again to see it at night.  I was hopeful that it would flood so I could get some cool pictures of the reflection of the square in the water.

That's the extent of the flooding, which is a good thing.

Venice at night is every bit at beautiful as it is during the day, and we had a good time wandering through all of the alleys, even if Robs and I kinda got lost and worried Squid.

Headed home tomorrow.  As much as I'd like to stay here, I miss the kids and home.  I just hope that I'll be able to bring them back with me one day.


Allenspark Lodge said...

I talked with a guy years ago that did Europe on a budget. He said when they stayed in that city, they stayed in the "Venice Flea Trap".

Looks like you avoided it.


Rachel said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Would have been a dreamy trip!

And it seems like you have done this "walking around at dark" thing for awhile, ha :)