Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anti-Valentine's Day

RockCrawlinChef and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day.

I know that shocks a lot of people.  For years, I both dreaded and anticipated Valentine's Day.  I dreaded it because I *hated* all of the hype and the "you're nothing unless someone's head over heels in love with you and draping you in diamonds" bullshit that goes along with it.  I anticipated it because it finally meant that the season of torture was over.  In case you hadn't noticed (and if you're single, I'll bet you've noticed), single people are tormented from mid-October all the way through Valentine's Day.  Everything's love this, family that.  If you're single, every damn commercial is a slap in the face. 


After RCC and I became "us", and our first Valentine's Day together approached, we decided we weren't going to celebrate it.  And we haven't.  Instead, we celebrate our Anti-Valentine's Day (also known as our "Eye Contact" Anniversary) on February 16.  This year will be our third.  Because we're both working that day, we sort of celebrated last night by buying a new TV, as ours is mostly dead.

I think it still makes him a little nervous that I tell him I don't want to celebrate Valentine's Day.  I mean, men are conditioned that they have to remember it, even if their woman says not to.  I actually mean it.  I'm not doing anything for him for the over-priced Hallmark Holiday and I don't want him to do anything for me.

Instead, we'll spend the evening after work enjoying our new TV.


Mr. Daddy said...

So, are you going to eat a little anti-pasta to not celebrate your anti-V day?

And you know that you better hook up the VCR and watch a movie of you choice, cause Hollywood thrives on the Hallmark event of V-Day.

just saying....

Finding Pam said...

Good for you both. I would hope that someone would send a single person some flowers just to say "You're special".

I am a floristn and I pretty much don't like all of the hype about it. I call it torture you local florist day. LOL!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me! Enjoy your Anti-V Day when it gets here! :)

Mrs Mom said...

So you gonna bitch slap me if I tell you happy Valentine's Day?


Rachel said...

Love it! Mr. Daddy claims we're getting subway sandwiches and going for coffee. And I like the sound of that :)

Love that you have an "eye contact" anniversary, ha ha!

GunDiva said...

I should explain that an "eye contact" is how you tell someone you want to know more about them on I think some sites call it "winking". Either way, an act of desperation and one heck of a temper tantrum led me to send an eye contact to RockCrawlinChef and here we are three years later.