Friday, February 25, 2011

Didn't Quite Dodge The Bullet

Since before Christmas break, everyone around me has been sick.  The other Associate Dean started it all off with a nasty upper respiratory infection that he passed on to a couple of the instructors.  Christmas break came and I escaped the college for a week.  When I returned a whole new virus was circulating; again wiping out instructors right and left.  Then our Dean got sick.  Through it all, my bulletproof immune system stayed strong.  Woo Hoo!

Then RCC got sick.  Some nasty URI again.  I *thought* I'd dodged that bullet, too.  It's been going on three weeks since he got sick.  With a viral incubation period of 10 days to two weeks, I was sure I'd avoided his lung-cookie producing URI.

Monday, I woke up with half a ton of concrete in my left sinuses.  Aw, crap.  I took some of my favorite drug on the planet, Advil Cold & Sinus and felt better.  I still felt a little under the weather, with achy joints and a face full of cement snot.  I went to work out with my trainer, but just went through the motions.  My heart was definitely not into working out.

Woke up Tuesday morning feeling a whole lot better.  Worked out again - one hour on the treadmill.  Still felt mostly good.

Woke up Wednesday feeling human.  Worked out again - half hour on the elliptical machine.  Was bored shitless.  Even with Eloise, I just couldn't stay on the dang thing.

Thursday - a full ton of concrete in both sides of my face.  Great.  Worked my usual fifteen hours, hopped up on cold medicine.  Some Advil variation of their Cold & Sinus.  I wanted my favorite, but I couldn't buy it off the shelf - it has to be purchased via the pharmacy, which isn't open before I have to be at work.

Today.  Well, I can now say that I have not dodged that sickness bullet.

But I gave it a hell of a run for its money.  I've been knee-deep in sick people, both at work and at home since the beginning of December.

I'm even going to blame the snot packing my head for the one-pound weight gain I had this week.  There's nothing quite like attempting to work your ass off only to find that you've *gained* a pound.  Bah!


Rachel said...

Oh I am so sorry! That sucks!

Please tell me you can take a sick day once in awhile?

We have snow here - and couldn't even get out to enjoy it today because Itty Bit is sick and I started feeling that sore throat last night. Oh please, oh please, oh please...

Rachel said...

And umm... get well soon! :)

Allenspark Lodge said...

OK, I said I felt like I might be coming down with something a couple days ago and what advice do I get? Mom, be sure to take your Echinacia and get lots of vitamin C. Did I hear anything about Advil....? A couple of days of eating lots of little oranges, drinking my juice and yes, taking my echinacia, and I am feeling much better; dodged the bullet. Maybe my daughter should heed her own advice?

Please feel better soon.
Love, Mom

GunDiva said...

Mom - I'm impervious to the effects of micro-organisms. Mostly. This one snuck up on me in a ninja-style attack. Don't worry, I've got my Vit C and echinacea going.