Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ain't Life A Bitch?

RockCrawlinChef brought home a "boyfriend" for our female cat, Gizmo, on MLK Day.  Scamp's a cutie and has definitely warmed up to our house.  Gizmo, on the other hand, has no interest in Scamp; not that I can blame her, he's only about ten weeks old, a little young for her interest.

Gizmo throws beautiful babies and her last two "boyfriends" met untimely deaths, probably coyote or Goodyear food, within just a few weeks of each other, so we'll be keeping a much closer eye on Scamp.  He won't be an indoor/outdoor cat like the others.  Gizmo comes and goes, but never strays far from home.  If she goes out in the morning, she's always back by late afternoon.

She's a bit of a slut, but a good mommy, and we've never had problems placing all of her babies in good homes.  We were a little sad that she wouldn't have any more kittens, which I'm sure is RockCrawlinChef's reason for bringing home Scamp. 

Except that Karma bit us in the butt.  Just when we were sure that Gizmo wouldn't have any more kittens, got her a new boyfriend, and got him settled in, she turns up pregnant.  Yep, no doubt about it, she is with kittens, which I'm sure will make their appearance in a month or so.  Shortly we will have a two and a half month old kitten and a litter of newborns.  That'll teach us.


Sara said...

Man, that cat really is a bit of a tart, isn't she?

T!nK said...

hahaha. HUSSIE! I LOVE IT!

Candance said...

"She's a bit of a slut but a good mommy"--Man, if I had a dime for every time my mother has described me that exact way ;0).

Mrs Mom said...

LOL.. Kitty Biscuits has decided that NOW is a Grand time to come in heat!!

Just got off the phone w/ the vet. She goes in Thursday for her spay.... Told Kitty to go out and party hearty- she'll at least have fond memories ;)

Dual Mom said...

Yeah, you're going to be a grammy, again! Congrats

Ever hear of birth control woman??!?!? lol