Sunday, January 24, 2010

Alpha Beta Kappa

Two Fridays ago (whew, am I behind!), we had our Inaugural Induction Ceremony for Alpha Beta Kappa, a National Honor Society.  In order for a student to be inducted, he or she must maintain at least a 3.8 GPA and have completed at least 75% of his or her program.

We inducted eleven students into ABK, all of whom were women, though it is open to men as well.

*Warning: Soapbox moment*
So for all of you so-called experts who tell our young women that they aren't as good as men in math and science, bite me.  Every single one of our inductees majored in either math (Business Accounting) or science (Medical Specialties).
Congrats to all of the young women who worked unbelievably hard for this accomplishment, all while attending an accelerated program, which brings many people to their knees.  You worked hard and deserve the honor; I'm unwaveringly proud of you.

:( Some of the inductees couldn't make it to the ceremony.


Anonymous said...

thats awesome! congrats to all the inductees.

I always love seeing strong, smart, imdependent woman who don't give into this "white man's" society, and make something awesome of themselves. it's the best way to say "fuck you" to all the close minded people who think women belong in the kitchen and not the workplace.

sorry, I will put the soap box away for a the time being, haha.

Candance said...

YAY for the ladies!! Extra kudos because I can't do math or science even a little.

Mr. Daddy said...

Sheesh!!why is everyone picking on the poor ole white guy???

All Bubba wants to do is pick his tooth and have enough jingle in his pocket for some animal beer..

And belch and fart with little or no criticism....

Is that too much to ask???LOL

on a serious note congrats to those who have worked so hard. :o)

GunDiva said...

Mr. Daddy, you're more than welcome to join :) I'm sure ABK would be thrilled to have you. Just have a few minimum requirements you have to fulfill...

Allenspark Lodge said...

I usually make some sort of obnoxious comment, but this time I just sort of locked up at "bite me". What more can one add?
Congrats ladies!