Friday, March 19, 2010

Adventures of Ashinator

Today, I waved at a girl with my tongue.
She waved back.


There's nothing I haven't done, Woman!
Wait...that didn't sound right.


GunDiva:  "You alright?"
Ashinator:  "Yeah, why?"
GunDiva:  "You're quiet this morning."
Ashinator:  "It's seven a.m."
GunDiva:  "You do your best work at seven a.m."
Ashinator:  "No one's pissed me off yet!"

GunDiva note:  My 200th post is looming on the horizon!  It would be too cumbersome for y'all to send me a gift to commemorate the occasion, so instead I'll be giving ten of my followers (not family, sorry Mom, Bill and Deejo) a copy of some of my favorite books.  Stay tuned for details.


Allenspark Lodge said...

Seven AM and nobody's irritated you yet? WIN!
P. Bill

Noelle said...

That's funny...

I waved at a girl yesterday with my middle finger...and she waved back, too!

K. Erickson said...

Wow, 200 posts. Awesomeness. And here I am trying to figure out the right topic for my 50TH.

GunDiva said...

K, I've just got diarrhea of the word processor. I didn't say I had almost 200 GOOD posts, just 200 posts.

Noelle, yeah, I've done that once or twice, too.

Bill, you know how easy it is to piss that girl off at seven am. I shoulda bought a lotto ticket that day.

Mrs Mom said...

Lordy GD, if Ahsee-butt is this rowdy as a teen, what the hell is she going to be like at 30?


Oohhh this ought to be good ;)

Dual Mom said...

I love Ashee......

But we really wanted to send you presents, diamonds, guns and stuff. I don't own a gun so you'd have to settle for diamonds!

Looking forward to your 200th post. That's quite an accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

damn. well you're totally my adopted bloggy mommy so i guess that counts me out!!

Ash is awesome. Normally when I wave at ppl with my tongue I start bar fights. LoL.

GunDiva said...

Mrs. Mom - she'll be a handful, that's true. But my daughter ain't nobody's bitch and it has recently caused her some heartache. Check back in tomorrow.

DM - I just finished writing my 201st post and got it scheduled out. Now all I need is ten winners to fill in the blanks. Please, please, please let me have at least ten commenters. I'd hate to throw a party and not have anyone join in.

T!nK - I'm un-adopting you for the give-away, comment away. And, really, I bet you do start bar fights when you wave at people with your tongue. LOL.

Mad Woman said...

Ooooh books!

You know, I'm usually dipping into my reserves for patience by the time 7am rolls around. How does she get away with no one pissing her off?