Tuesday, March 16, 2010

True Story Tuesday - Cuddling with a Sand Burr

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If you've followed for more than a few posts, you know that the Zoo in the GunDiva/RockCrawlinChef household includes the Ashinator's pet hedgehog, Dashurie.  Dash really is a cuddlebug and a most excellent pet.

About a month or so ago, I was cuddling with Dashurie.  She'd snuggled in between the girls and was half-asleep.  We were just hanging out in the Ashinator's room; me and my grand-hedgehog (that better be the only grandanything in my life for a long time).

It was cold out, which always makes my nose run, despite the fact that she keeps her bedroom at approximately 100 degrees.  I should mention that Dash is easily startled.  I guess that's a trait of hedgehogs.  If something startles them, they curl up into a ball and the quills stand up.  It's actually kind of cute.

This isn't Dash, I've not managed to get a picture of her balled up.  This hedgie is courtesy of Blogger images.

I felt my nose running and sniffed.  Which startled Dash.  And caused her to ball up.  Right between the girls.  It felt a lot like having a million of these...

...sand burrs between the girls.  Now, keep in mind, it was still cold out, so I had multiple layers on (despite the heat in Ash's room), but those multiple layers did not stop those sharp little quills.  I was actually thankful that the girls are mine and not fake.  'Cause the fake ones would have leaked out of all of the millions of puncture wounds courtesy of Dashurie.

It took all of my self control not to drop her.  God knows what kind of damage would have been done by the weight of a dangling hedgehog.  Once I managed to disentangle myself from her, I put her back in her cage. 

Cuddle time was O-V-E-R.

Two nights later, as I was getting into bed, my chest was itchy.  So I scratched it.  And managed to scratch off a whole bunch of little bitty scabs from all of the puncture wounds.

Really, if making love in hay is anywhere near as painful as cuddling with a scared hedgehog, I'll take a pass!

(Mini Rant:  Where do those romance writers come up with that anyway?  Have they ever handled hay?)


Allenspark Lodge said...

Remind me to NEVER set that critter down on my lap...

hoho! word verification=hates

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Ha ha ha. But they are so cute! Great story. :-)

Taylorvillegirl said...

Ouch! Hedgehog cuddling will not be in my near future.

Foursons said...

Ouch! I didn't know hedgehogs could be pets.

K. Erickson said...

At least Dash wasn't cuddled in your lap. Also, your sex in a haystack comment reminds me of an incident from my college days. We were gathered around in the back room at work while someone was reading from a bartending book. He came across the recipe for Sex on the Beach, and the female AR clerk who hadn't been paying much attention said: "I don't like that. The towel gets all twisted and you wind up with sand up your butt." 100% true.

julie said...

Ouchie! I love the "at least they're not fake" comment... Hahaha! And I agree about the hay. Hay stinks and is itchy and makes me sneeze. I have no desire to roll in it for ANY reason.

Mad Woman said...

Sharp little buggers aren't they? Took me forever to work out that the girls you were referring to were the ones on your chest. Yes, I'm slow.

GunDiva said...

K. - Love your comment. Thanks for the heads up!

Other than the pokey-when-scared-thing, hedgehogs are great pets. I'm not sure why we didn't think of it earlier.

Rachel said...

I sooo need a hedgehog.

I mean, it was probably my aunt's sanest pet (after her psychotic attack parrots and her caiman and a million other creepy crawlies).

That lil' bugger looks ADORABLE! So sorry about the *ahem* discomfort.

Sand Burr

Hey, do you need some tarp therapy for the little guy? hee hee!

(Apologies, it's late and I think ridiculous things are hilarious).

Thanks for linking up - can't wait for tomorrow's post! :)

Michelle Pixie said...

First off I died over your comment over "that better be the only grandanything in my life for a long time". My five-year-old was just saying how when dad is 40 {in 2 years!} he will be a grandpa and I about choked so that is totally my sentiments!! But I'd take Dash as a grandbaby any day she cute! =) It's probably a good thing it was cold in the room and the girls were at full attention otherwise they would have been all laid back and relaxed and that may have hurt worse but OWIE! You poor girl! Yea no I’d have to pass on the hay as well. ;)

Michelle Hoad said...

My sister found one in her yard yesterday and now it's gone. Her kids are ticked off because they wanted to keep it as a pet.

GunDiva said...

Michelle, a hedgehog that you didn't have to go to a breeder and fork out a ton of money for? And you let it go?

They really do make good pets (at least the domesticated, bought from a breeder ones are).

Aunt Crazy said...

HAHAHAHA...sorry the girls got injured but it's a funny story anyway.