Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Family That Inks Together, Part II

Not so very long ago, Digger got a tattoo from RockCrawlinChef as a Christmas present.  Since then the Ashinator's been wanting one of her very own.  She wanted one so badly that she agreed to sign a contract that said this:

I, The Ashinator, swear not to ask for a birthday present for my 18th birthday, because I'm receiving a beautiful tattoo paid for by my lovely mother.

Thank you very much (:

The Ashinator, 3/16/10
Because I'm not really sold on where she wanted to put her tattoo, I made her add an addendum:

I, The Ashinator, cannot be mad at my mother when I'm thirty and I hate having my tattoo on my forearm. 3/16/10
We've got the original posted on the fridge and this one out in the blogosphere, so we're covered now, I think.

She got her tattoo from the same shop that Digger did (I think they're the only ones in town who do minors with parent's consent - at least legally) and we sat for two hours.

It's a good thing she likes it, 'cause its fairly large, but is exactly what she wanted.  The Giving Tree with her sibs' initials in the bark and her great-grandparents' initials in the roots.  She's sentimental that way.

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Dual Mom said...

Are you worried about the placement of it? I think that would be my biggest concern.

And you know she's gonna regret signing that no gift contract! lol

Anonymous said...

this makes me want some more ink!!
and don't wprry that contract is totally valid in the legal world.

Candance said...

OMG, that's big! One thing about the location, at least when she's pregnant one of these days very, very far down the road the cute dolphin she got tattooed right above her hip when she was 19 won't turn into a killer whale. Not that I'd know or anything-I've just heard...

K. Erickson said...

1) At least she didn't get her BF's or BFF's name tattooed on her butt.

2) Personally, if God had wanted us to be decorated, we would have been born with artwork.

3) Ditto for piercings.

Mad Woman said...

I'm a huge tattoo lover...but only if they have meaning, which this one clearly does.

I LOVE her tat. It's gorgeous. I have on my forearm too. And like hers, it can be hidden under sleeves if necessary.

I also love that you got her to sign the contracts. Awesome.

Aunt Crazy said...

LOVE IT love love love it!

Rachel said...

That is just way cool that you videod it! I couldn't understand a word (but that's kinda understandable for a deaf chick who is used to captions), but she looks excited and thrilled!

Congrats Ashinator!