Tuesday, March 9, 2010

True Story Tuesday - The Life of an Elementary School Teacher

As always, thank you to Rachel and Mr. Daddy for hosting this little weekly get-together.  Head on over there for some more fun-filled TSTs.

My sister, Not A GunDiva, is an elementary school teacher, and has been for several years.  She teaches 1st and 2nd grade, and while most of her stories have more to do with crazy loving, helicopter involved parents, on occasion, she gets one from a student that is worth sharing.

NAGD:  I feel frustrated when you don’t listen to directions and then you don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing.  When I give directions, do you understand what I am saying?
Student:  Yea
NAGD:  So, you are not confused with the directions?
Student:  No
NAGD:  Do you just have so much going on in your head that you can’t focus on what I’m saying? GunDiva in: why would you ask a seven year-old that?
Student:  Yea, because I have to remember everything so I can get into college and it’s a long time away and there’s a lot to remember!  GunDiva: Oh, I guess that's why.

Okay, there's a big difference in the interactions between my sister and her elementary students and me and my college-age students.  Here's how the exchange would look if it was me and one of my students...

GD:  You know, it really pisses me off irritates me when I give directions and you still don't know what you're supposed to be doing.  Was I unclear?
Student:  No
GD:  So the directions are clear and you understand them?
Student:  Yes
GD:  Then why the fuck should I repeat them again? 
Please, please let NAGD's student grow up to be one of mine, because he at least is trying to remember everything he needs to know for college.


Follow up to last week's TST:

RockCrawlinChef managed to dig up this picture of Scamp's face when he pounced on me...
Okay, so maybe Scamp was saying, "Good Lord, cork it up!"


Allenspark Lodge said...

My eyes are watering. Don't know if it is from laughing or just empathy for Scamp.
(W.V.= awfling )

Brandi said...

LOL! ...And my husband thinks he wants to be a school teacher. BAHAHA! He has a potty mouth and no patience. It would never work out.

By the looks of the picture, yep... I think it was a 'cork it up.' ;)

Rachel said...

LOL! Glad to know that my sis and I are not the only siblings who are opposites!

And it DROVE.ME.NUTS to be in college with people who didn't want to be there and made no effort. For some reason, they all wanted to be MY lab partner, ugh.

Totally funny - and so glad you linked up.

Loving the pic of Scamp ;)

And Daddy Bubs wants to be a TEACHER?!?! The things I find out on your blog!

A. Dakota said...

I dunno, scamp looks like he's wearing a face of pure success. He got you.

Anonymous said...

LOL at Dakota's comment.

I didn't know you taught college. Interesting. I hope that kid gets in your class someday too!

brian said...

When I taught college, I had that same conversation :)

Anonymous said...


Candance said...

Same conversation in high school and this is usually after I explain everything and write it on the board and tell them if they can't remember what to do or weren't listening to what I said because they were so preoccupied comparing boots with the person behind them, it's on the board. Yet I still get, "What are we supposed to do?" And I'm like, "It's on the board." And they're like, "What board?" Then we don't speak for a while so maybe I can think of words to say that don't start with "f" and rhyme with duck.