Thursday, March 11, 2010

Prince Charming Found His Soul Mate

Well, actually, Amanda bought him a little soul mate.  Her name's Lillie and she's beautiful.  A vibrant green with little yellow freckles (wow, she kind of sounds like Princess Fiona). 

Look closely, she's hiding on a leaf in plain sight.

We had to replace Prince's resin tree stump with a real log, which Lillie promptly claimed as her own.

Prince Charming is finally over being mad at me and allowed me to get a picture of his cute little face.

Unfortunately, not all was happy in froggy world.  I think they've got their differences worked out, but, well, let me tell you about it.

Lillie is soooooo little compared to Prince Charming.  I mean, she's approximately the size of his head.  On Monday afternoon, I dropped some crickets into their cozy little love nest.  I was afraid that the crickets were too big for Lillie, so I dropped a few more little crickets in.  She zoomed in on one and had a radar lock on one.  Just as she was ready to pounce, Fat Ass Prince Charming snatched up her cricket. 

She spied another cricket and was making her move when Prince Charming snatched the second cricket, literally, out from under her nose. 

So she double bitch slapped him.

I kid you not.

She leapt at Prince, landed a right across his big, fat mouth and followed with a left.

There was no doubt that she was *pissed* and put him in his place.

I don't think he's touched any more of her crickets since.

It may look like she's kissing his a**, but she's really just re-claiming "her" stump.

They've got their differences worked out and he's been very contrite ever since.


Shannon O'Donnell said...

Ha ha ha. I love this post! Those frogs are adorable. Thanks for sharing the pictures. :-)

Mad Woman said...

Good for her! Those big old froggy boys are greedy buggers!

noelle said...

I love froggy drama...! I'm thinking it could be a HBO mini-series, what with the success of the Disney movie and all. Lillie is adorable!

Allenspark Lodge said...

Bite him, Lillie! I hear they taste like chicken.

GunDiva said...

Noelle, our IT God is getting us a "frog cam" so that we can check in on the frogs whenever we want. He's going to do his IT magic and set up a website so anyone can go look at the frogs (kinda like Nanny cam). Once that's in place, I'll put the link in the sidebar. Feeding time and bath time are the most fun to watch.

T!nK said...

psshhh. good for her. let him kno who's boss!