Monday, October 27, 2008

Pajama Posse

The Pajama Posse is a group of us gals who get together on occassion (not nearly as often as we would like) to just hang out. The Posse consists of Lynette, our free-spirited, sensual, pierced librarian; Kai, the red-headed dynamo who is almost impossible to keep up with; Oonah, the Zen Mama of the group, she exudes calm (most of the time); Story, the group's conscience (our version of Jiminy Cricket) and the minister's wife; Annie, Kai's mom who is a force to be reckoned with; and me, who knows the niche I fill in the group?

Kai, in addition to being impossible to keep up with is also our boss and a phenomonal one at that; our beloved Story just left to travel with her husband for a year to help raise money to build a church here in Fort Collins. Story's leaving and Boss' Day just happened to give us the perfect excuse for a mid-day Pajamma Posse meeting, so we kidnapped Kai in the middle of the day and whisked her off for lunch and an afternoon of pampering.

It was wonderful! Although I'm really sad that Story's now gone for a year, we had a great time at lunch and the pedicure afterward. I've never seen Kai sit still for so long - all it takes is someone massaging her legs and feet to get her to relax! I think she even propositioned the pedicurist!