Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two Elbutts for Mr. Daddy

Mr. Daddy's in surgery today, having his traitorous, cancerous thyroid removed so he can live a long and happy life with his wonderful wife and children.

While I was texting Rachel this morning, we got to talking about elbutts.  You know, elbow butts, because she had posted a big ole hairy elbutt of Mr Daddy's on Facebook earlier in the week. The thread had started about Redneck Crack and went downhill from there...
Photo Cred: Rachel
...ending up with elbutt.

And I realized, as we were texting back and forth about such mature subjects, as two full-grown women are wont to do, that when assuming this position...(get y'all's minds outta the gutter...this is serious, right here!)

Sorry about the pixelation, I thought this was a vector image.
Photo cred: iStock Photo
AnyprayinforMrDaddy, I realized that when you assumed the position.  The prayin' position, that is, you actually have TWO elbutts!

Feel free to steal for your own blogs...
I don't know how to do the cool html code-y thingy,

Love you Mr. Daddy, Rachel, and Itty Bit.  Sending Two Elbutts your way!


Rachel said...

Okay - so I had a whole comment figured out when the screen popped up with OVIDOME for my word verification. Huh?


I am still laughing - seeing this on the big screen. You ROCK. This totally made my day and it will make Mr. Daddy's day too considering that you are the one who sparked the whole thing in his honor! :)

Thank you - can't wait to bug you and hug you in person!

Unknown said...

Hairy elbutts are the worst. Thyroid cancer is what I just dealth with, so if they want to talk, send them my way.

Beth Zimmerman said...

That WAS fun today, wasn't it! Continuing to pray!