Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snow, snow, snow

I'm over it.

Even tonight's very beautiful, very light and fluffy snow that looks like God is sprinkling glitter over the earth.

I shouldn't whine, but I'm going to.  One of the very bestest things about Colorado is that the snow comes and then the sun shows up and melts the snow and we have a few good days of really pretty weather.  Only, this go 'round, the sun forgot to come out and play. 

And the damn snow keeps falling.

And falling.

And falling.

We haven't even hit our snowiest months yet, either.  Guess drought isn't going to be much of a problem for us this summer.  But run-off is going to be a bitch, which is exactly what we don't need after the flood damage.

Please come back to play, Sun.



GunDiva said...

We had a full day of sun!!!!

Never got above freezing, but at least it was sunny!

Allenspark Lodge said...

Hey, we've had TWO days without wind (mostly-still hit and miss during the night) and boy is that nice! Gotta go get a cord of wood today, before the next snow starts TONIGHT.

GunDiva said...

Yeah, this is the calm between the storms :(