Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Staycation, Day 4 (Memorial Day)

First, thank you to all of the servicemen and women who gave their lives.  Bless their friends and family.

Today is Estes' moving day.  Time to take her up the hill so she can "go to work".  Our lights weren't working on the horse trailer, so for Jay's birthday present, Mom and Bill got him temporary lights for the trailer.  He's generous enough to share them with me in order to get the trailer legal enough to haul Her Highness up the hill.

He was also kind enough to do the wiring on his truck required to hook up the lights.

Best horse husband ever?  I think so.
While Jay was doing the wiring, I was working on the frankentrailer.  Oh, the lights are ugly and the black electrical tape "sutures" really add something, don't you think?

The frankentrailer might not be pretty, but it is functional (and legal, which is most important).

Ripley got a bath, and then some TLC from Jay.  He designed a new stripe for the back gate a few months ago and has just been waiting for the perfect time to replace the old one.  Bright, beautiful sunny day? Check.  Clean Ripley? Check.  Time to get her new tattoo put on.

Molon labe = come and get 'em
After all of that work, we'd worked up quite an appetite, so over to Nebalee's for a family BBQ.  Lots of good food.  Lots of it.  Ate myself sick.  Will be hating myself come weigh in on Monday, I just know it.

I did actually dig into the veggies and watermelon.  Hopefully that will offset the chili dog and pepperjack cheeseburger I wolfed down.  Nah, probably not, but I can dream.

After eating myself sick, it was time to load up Her Highness to go to her summer home.  (Update: she's not liking her summer home much, as she's currently getting rained/snowed on.)

I'm going to miss her, but we'll have a good time up on the mountain.  Now that she's got a permanent home near us, this might really be her last summer at Mom's.

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